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Ead Lighting christmas & garden lights



  1. Always read and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Pay particular attention to the 'intended use' for the lights you are about to use.
  2. Never use 'indoor lights' outside.
  3. Never insert or remove bulbs when the power is switched on.
  4. For indoor or outdoor 'Low Voltage' lights, always keep the transformer indoors in a safe, dry location.
  5. We would strongly recommend a safety cut out device or 'circuit breaker' to be used on all Christmas lights.
  6. Consider carefully the positioning of lights, remembering that some Christmas lights generate a considerable amount of heat. Always keep lights clear of decorations and other flammable materials. Remember even on 'Low Voltage' sets, the bulbs can become hot and the transformers generate heat.
  7. Carefully position cables to avoid a 'tripping' hazard.
  8. Do not leave the lights on unattended. Always switch them off when you go to bed and also when you are out of the house.
  9. Do not attempt to use or repair any Christmas lights, which have become damaged. Dispose of them safely.
  10. The products must not be modified, i.e. cutting/extending lead wires or removing 3 pin plugs. This will invalidate the warranty and may render the product unsafe.  EAD Lighting will not accept responsibility for modified products or any damage or injury caused as a result of their modification.
  11. Do not run wiring under carpets - especially where they could be walked upon and become damaged.
  12. Take care when hanging lights, that you use a stable method of support.
  13. Do not allow Children to play with Christmas lights.
  14. Replace sets of old lights; especially those that are not in perfect working condition.
  15. Low voltage outdoor lights supplied with indoor transformers: The transformers must be placed indoors, also the controller if fitted. High Voltage Outdoor light sets (240v). The plug must be fitted indoors for Low Voltage Sets, products must only be used with the transformer supplied. Do not connect this product directly to a mains supply. 
  16. Lighting sets must not be connected electrically to another set or to any other product (unless it is specifically a connectible light set)
  17. Transformers must be situated in a well - ventilated, dry, indoor location.  Please note: during use the transformer will become hot, care must be taken not to position the transformer near flammable surfaces or objects.
  18. EAD Lighting recommends that you do not work with live electrical equipment, neither should you attempt to undertake any repair, unless you are suitably qualified and competent.

 These notes are for your safety and enjoyment of your lights

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